Pandora Universe ~ Na'vi Planet

Official Website for Pandora Universe - Na'vi Planet Sim on Second Life (Pegase)

Welcome to Pandora Universe ~ Na'vi Planet

This is the Official Website for the Pandora Universe - Na'vi Planet Sims in Second Life (Pegase and Telemaque)

Welcome to our version of Pandora based on James Cameron's movie "Avatar" where you can experience the stunning Forest on Two Sims (Pegase and Telemaque) in Second Life.
If you require any online assistance, please contact one of our online Council members (Protectors first). You can find the list and see who is online at the Sims Welcome area.

We have a main group which you can join at the sim entrance and we also have four separate groups which are more structured with leaders and events.
To become a member of one of these special groups you must first be a member in the main group, Pandora Universe ~ Na'vi Planet (you are only allowed to be a member in one Na’vi Clan, however, you can be a Na’vi and be in the RDA or the Creature Group as well).

 Please go to "About Us" for further information. thank you.